Thursday, 3 February 2011

Maximum tannage

Good morning lovelies.  It's Thursday already, I can almost smell the weekend!  Hope you're all having a good week.  My tooth feels a bit better this morning thank goodness although you won't be able to tell my the look on my face, sorry!

It has pockets Meg, at least that made me smile!

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: New Look
Bracelet: Topshop

I really cannot get enough of this New Look cardigan it's quickly become a staple and I find myself actually planning outfits around it.  I am yet to wear the other colour way it's just not as versatile.  I love this cute little topshop dress, it's a good length, a great shape and it has pockets! Always a winner.  

I have made a few changes to my blog design and would love to hear what you think so if you're using a reader please click thru and have a look.  I've also added a little button in the sidebar for my give away so if you'ld like an extra entry just add it to your blog and let me know in the comments.  I can't wait to draw the winners and let everyone know, the results post will be up as soon as possible on Monday 14th (hey happy valentines!)  I only wish I could give you all prizes.

I'm planning on baking some more macaroons over the weekend, any suggestions on flavour combinations?  I am definitely going to make chocolate orange this time, I'm excited already!


  1. I really love the blog design! I noticed it as soon as I clicked onto your blog :o) Lovely dress, as always!

    Hannah xxxx

  2. haha pockets always get a smile from me too! fab bracelet, it's so cute :) xx

  3. Your header is adorable! I'm also coveting your dress, sadly can't afford it at the mo so I shall have to settle for perusing your blog!

  4. i love this dress, the colour and style is so timeless


  5. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. That cardigan is lovely. If only I wasn't on a spending ban. Sigh. I was so impressed by your macaroons the other day. Really want to try them but they give me the fear! x

  6. @Meg POCKETS! We are too easily pleased!

    @Hannah @Dani glad you like it :)

    @Sarah thanks lovely

    @Rani I picked it up yesterday and its on the topshop website, direct link below the photos

    @Helen thank you :) I couldn't stick to a spending ban so am full of admiration! The macaroons were not as bad as I was expecting. The recipe on the pink whisk takes the hard work out of it.


  7. Ive just found your blog, new follower! I have major dress envy! Your collection is amazing!
    I spotted this in Topshop yesterday but didnt know if it would work in the winter. But it looks gorgeous "layered" up. I might have to treat myself!

  8. I've bookmarked the Topshop dress link, and if it's still there after my self-imposed online shopping ban I'm buying it! Although I could just go in-store...anyway it looks fantastic on you!

  9. The new design is lovely, nice and simple. I like the colour blusher that your wearing today xx

  10. I love this dress, cardigan and colour! Really suits you xx

  11. @Sophie Thanks love! Its great for layering although I will be wearing it in a similar style in the summer as I dont do showing flesh!

    @dannithegirl Good luck with frugal february! I know I couldnt stick to it.

    @Gem thank you :) Its the same blusher I always wear maybe I just blended it better?!

    @littlemiss_jess thank you :)

  12. Ooooh that bracelet is adorable! I've been tempted by one of those cardi's but dissuaded myself as I already have several but your making me want to buy one!

  13. Lovely new layout sweets!

    Looking gorgeous in that dress! x

  14. The layout is lovely - is there no end to your talents?!
    Love this dress, and I'm so in love with my cardy too but I haven't washed it yet and I'm scared incase I do it wrong, ha. I noticed though they had them in stock in the Tall section so I'm considering buying another one. Your bracelet is lovely too and your makeup in that pic looks amazingggggg xx

  15. @ScienceGeek you won't regret it, it's so versatile.

    @E is for Eleanor thank you :)

    @Lucy I can't claim credit for the header, I bullied my boyf into making it for me! It's just amazing isn't it. I've washed mine and not had any problems. I was trying to do an 'oooh isn't it pretty face' but it just looks like I am pouting! I'm not complaining though as when I do try to pout I just look ridic! xx

  16. Love this outfit..


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