Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Leopard Brights

I'm getting back in the habit of painting my nails and I am loving it.  Hopefully the layers of polish will help protect my nails so they can grow a bit as they are so short :(  I really want to try out some more nail art but because they are so short I am stuck with either leopard, polka or a bit of glitter.  Can't wait to try some cupcake nails like Charlene's!  I decided on Top Turquoise and picked up Sophie's Pink from Boots to create these bright leopard print nails.

The colours look great together don't they!  I wanted to give them a slight Valentines twist so added a little graffiti style heart to one of my nails :)

I made the boyf a heart shaped chocolate cake and thought I would share the receipe...

150g Caster Sugar
90g Butter (Softened)
3 eggs
110g Plain Flour
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
50g Cocoa Powder
2 Desertspoons Milk

200g Icing Sugar
25g Cocoa Powder
3 Tablespoons Butter
2 Tablespoons Warm Milk
3 Tablespoons Extra Thick Cream

I wanted to make a fairly deep cake so I doubled the above quantities and cooked it in two batches.

Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas Mark 4

Cream together the sugar and butter, mix them until they are light and creamy

Beat in the eggs one at a time

Stir in the cocoa and the milk

Mix in the flour and baking powder until just blended

Turn into a prepared cake tin and cook for about 40 minutes.  I wanted to make two layers but only have one tin so repeated this step.

To make the icing beat the icing sugar, cocoa and butter together until smooth.  Gradually add the warm milk and cream and again beat until smooth. 

Once the sponge has cooled use the icing to sandwich the two layers together then cover the whole cake.  You can leave it like this or do what I did and cover it in strawberries, yummy!

I need to make a birthday cake tomorrow using maltesers, anyone got a good recipe?  If I can't find one I think I will just use my malteser cupcake recipe and keep my fingers crossed that it works as well as a big cake.


  1. Nigella had a malteaser cake recipe in her book Feast. I was marvelling at it the other day! I am sure you can just google it (I'm on my phone, too lazy)

  2. Your nails look lovely - I love the two colours you've chosen. I am going to have to get myself one of those nail pens although mine wouldn't be as neat as yours I'm sure!
    That cake looks absolutely delicious, yum! Lucky your boyfriend! I made some malteser cupcakes the other day and when I was googling around for a good recipe I found a few maltesers birthday cake recipes that looked really good - I can't remember the links now but if you Google around I'm sure you'll find them :)

  3. Ahhhh That cake looks so nice! I bet it tasted heavenly!
    I love your nails, I wish I had the patience. I could probs be able to do it on my left hand but im shaky when it comes to painting my right hand!

  4. lovely nails! I love leopard print and it looks especially nice in bright colours!

    Cake is gorgeous as ever! Its healthy isnt it, with the strawberries and all lol.


  5. I really want to get that turquoise colour, whenever I see it it always looks gorgeous! The cake looks lovely too :)

  6. that cake looks to die for, your bf was very lucky!
    lovin the nails xx

  7. those nails are adorable! i love pink & turquoise together.

  8. the nails are tres cute :) i like the heart - might do it next time i paint my nails!

    that cake...mmmm! xx

  9. Love the nails, nice colour combo. The heart is cute too!
    That cake looks divine but I'm on a diet so I could only have a strawberry off the top :) The silicone heart moulds are great, I've seen some great shape ones recently. You could get a bunny one for easter

  10. Both nails and cake look amazing!


  11. Your nails are so good!
    And that cake looks yummy <3

  12. I love this post! The combination of colours works very well and your leopard print is good! I am getting more and more into cooking - a trip to Lakeland this weekend I think! x

  13. Your nails are lovely - that little heart is so cute! I can't wait to see your cupcake nails once you try them. :) xx

  14. Love your blog, only just found it! New follower.

    Check out and follow back if you like :)
    N. xox

  15. I know that Laura at http://adaisychaindream.blogspot.com/did Malteaser cakes recently but I don't have the exact link! That cake looks delicious, I love strawberries, especially with chocolate :)

    Maria xxx

  16. That cake looks friggin' amazing. Want!!

  17. That cake looks delicious, and it is adorable!!


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