Monday, 21 February 2011

Déjà Vu

 Dress: Peacocks

I saw Gemma wearing this dress on her blog the other day and knew that I needed to own it!  It's so pretty and very much like a couple of the Dahlia dresses I own but a snip at only £22.  It is longer than the Dahlia dresses and goes up to a size 20.  It could do with being lined as it sticks to my tights when walking but thats nothing a little slip wont solve.  The print is super cute too, well done Peacocks! (PS if you fancy making this in a variety of fabrics I am certain to buy all versions...)

I've been playing with the nail polishes again and this is the result, the photo was taken before I tidied it up - sorry!

Models Own Jade Stone and Pastel Pink


  1. me likey! dress twins haha. I'm loving Peacocks at the moment, they are amazing (and Welsh like me so they must be good!)they are doing a similar thing to New Look which is making the dresses that people want for half the price of Topshop and brands.
    I love the two colours you picked for your nails, reminds me of this blog- she makes sweets and biscuits with ice cream in the middle with pretty pastel colours

  2. Lovely dress and I'm actually *loving* that colourful french mani :) so cute! lovely spring colours too!


  3. Lovely dress, it has such a cute colar! Your nails are so cool, the colour work really well together x

  4. Love the nail polish! It does have a nice ice-creamy look to it and would also look good if you were to do 'drips' like the cupcake nails.

    That dress is gorgeous! Wasn't overly impressed when I checked out Peacocks before Christmas but they seem to have had a few nice pieces lately so I might give them another go. xx

  5. I have the same pink Model's Own! :) The dress is superb, I love the little lace collar! :)

  6. Ohh I like it a lot, this may be a wedding potential dress also! I'm going to pop in the week to Peacocks and have a look in there. Your dress collection is soon going to be in my wardrobe too by the looks of things ;)
    Love the nails too, the colours look lovely together. I keep meaning to buy some of those manicure sticker things... whatever they're called! xx

  7. Lovely nails! The colours go great together :)

  8. @Gem thank you for showing me the dress! Its ace :)

    @Hannah Thanks lovely

    @Claire Louise the collar is very cute!

    Charlene Im not sure I could do the drips very well! Definitely worth checking them out again they have a few really nice things

    @Danielle Rose thank you :)

    @Filipa Its a gorgeous pink isnt it

    @Lucy What are these manicure sticker things youre talking of?! Cant wait for you to do some more outfit posts!

    @Sophie Isobel thank you


  9. Ok, I was looking at this dress a couple fo days wgo too - this is getting freaky!


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