Saturday, 12 February 2011


Since I rediscovered this cardigan I can't stop wearing it!  It goes with a fair few of my dresses and I love it with tan accessories.

Dress: Dahlia
Cardigan: Mango

I bought the brogues from Peacocks by the way and am wearing them with this outfit.  They are relatively comfy but the balls of my feet do know that I am wearing them!  I realise that from this photo you can't actually tell they are heels but oh well!

I am so glad it is the weekend and I get to lie in.  I do love a good lie in!  I am going shopping today with the boyf.  I am bribing him with Nando's for lunch so I can drag him round Primark and hope he doesn't pull too many faces.  I can understand why he hates going in there, I hate it myself but needs must.  I really want the creamy chiffon button up dress so I am hoping my local store have it.  I hadn't been in a Primark for a good year before this season and now it feels like I need to go there most weeks! (Much to the boyfs annoyance hehe)  I really want to go to a Tesco that sells clothes as the couple nearest me don't and I have spotted the most amazing purple dress in Look Magazine which isn't online yet.  It's purple and spotty with a peter pan collar and a full skirt, my perfect dress!  

Other than shopping I am spending the rest of the weekend with family and relaxing with the boy.  I might do a bit of baking if the mood takes me.  We have a backlog of films to watch so I am going to crack open the microwave popcorn and set up camp in front of the tv this evening.  Oh and I really need to get some Irn Bru, thanks to Charlene!

Have a lovely day girls, let me know what you're all upto xx


  1. Cuuuute! I like the littlelace detail at the top. I've been wearing my Primark ruffled cardi loads since I bought it.
    I'm going to Nandos or Pizza Express after work, can't wait!
    Have a good weekend and think of me and poor Charlene in work :( haha

  2. I am on the look out for that tesco dress too, its a beaut! As soon as I saw it I just had to have it!

  3. I loooove it, the colours work really well together! I really want to try a Dahlia dress but I don't think they'd fit round my massive hips.
    Your weekend sounds like so much fun, I'm home alone for the weekend and probably won't be moving from my bedroom because I have so much work to do! Joyyyy.
    Have fun shopping and save me some Nandos! xx

  4. Ahh I love the cardigan, it's such a gorgeous colour! I have a similar pair of brogues in black but they're quite high and they do hurt after a while, but I love them nonetheless! Tempted to get some in tan as well

  5. Haha! I've drank so much irn bru since having that first can last night!! :( I can go ages without it and then BAM.. I'm addicted. Bet you'll be the same though! Shall we invent an Irn Bru cocktail?


  6. cute cute cute! i adore mango!!! :)

  7. I love your hair flowers in the last couple of posts!!

    Sal xXx

  8. @Gem I couldn't go back to working weekends, it sucks! Hope you had a lovely evening

    @Sophie I tweeted tesco on Friday but haven't had a reply... I NEED it!

    @Lucy the hips are free size in the dresses I buy but a large is only a 12-14 and I just get my breasts in them :-/

    @Dani these are not too high and are very pretty for just £20

    @this fashion lark thank you :)

    @Charlene an iron bru cocktail is right up my street, would be so yummy. Let's do it!

    @Leigh @Candycane thank you lovelies


  9. I love this dress, and those shoes are adorable!

    I've tried the bribing with Nandos trick many a time! Hope you have a good shopping trip!

  10. How have I only just discovered your blog? Cute as a button! Can't believe I discovered it 3 hours post give away ending too, cruel world! x

  11. I love that cardigan! Beautiful colour. x


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