Sunday, 20 February 2011

...And Relax!

How's your Sunday going?  Hope it's filled with lots of relaxation and fab food, mine certainly is!  My parents have been round for lunch and we are now all chilling out in front of the tv.  Perfect.

I didn't manage to find that dress yesterday but I have now found out that Fred & Florence Limited Editions are available exclusively online so I can stop hunting and just wait for it to show up online.  I'm glad that I am not the only weirdo by the way, it seems that a fair few of us feel awkward walking past a rail full of the dress that you're wearing! 

Have you seen the fab Pen Pal Exchange that the lovely Gemma at Fat Frocks has come up with? Head over to her blog to check it out and if you're interested you need to comment by 28th February to be included.  My handwriting is appalling so I will probably rely on including pretty things such as necklaces to make mine interesting!

Dress: Topshop

I have been eyeing this little beauty up online for the past couple of days but managed to find it instore yesterday so snapped it up.  I love the colours and the fact that it was only £29!  I think Topshop have been listening to shoppers moaning about their prices as I have found a few really lovely dresses in there recently for under £35.

I found out the other day that a really dear friend of mine reads my blog daily and that it has been brightening her day.  She is going through a really tough time at the moment and I just want to tell her that she means the world to me.  You've been an amazing friend over the years, you've listened to me go on and on, changed my life in a way I can never repay and I love you lots.  I am always here for you and will support you 100% whatever you do decide.  Friends like you don't come around often and I only hope I am half the friend you are.  Can't wait to see you in the week xx

I have had a fair few new followers on Twitter recently, if you follow me but I don't follow you back please @amilliondresses and let me know who you are.  I get followed by so many porn and diet spambots that I find it hard to keep up with who is who!  And if you don't follow me and would like to you can find me here - twitter. I don't really post that much but I do like to comment on other peoples tweets :)


  1. I adore the colours in that dress so much, I'm really envying how bright your wardrobe is. Mine is so dull and full of browns/greys/blacks, I need to invest in more colourful things!
    I think I'm going to keep an eye out for that Tesco dress too, what is Tesco sizing like?
    I hope your friend is okay, whatever she is going through. You're such a lovely person and I know we've not known each other long but I'm glad we're friends. xx

  2. I love the dress! We're going to have the same bloomin wardrobe missus cuse I want to buy everything you have haha! I have a toppers voucher and havent found anything recently, but maybe this is the one!

  3. I love that topshop dress, the colours are so bright! I've noticed theyve had quite a lot of reasonably good priced things in lately, their basics are still ridiculous though!

  4. lovely dress, I actually was looking at it myself the weekend (but alas I'm broke so no pretty clothes for Donna)

  5. I have noticed that about Topshop too, some prices seem to be coming down.
    I spotted this on the website and fell in love with it too!

  6. Love the colours, very spring like!
    It is very reasonable for Topshop, I have no idea why they charge so much when they cost next to nothing to make, I wouldn't mind if some of the profits got passed on the the people making them in factories... rant over.
    LOADS of people have joined up to the pen pak scheme now :)

  7. Love the dress, you look lovely. I am excited for the pen pal thing, I love buying pretty writing sets xx

  8. Oh the colours in that dress are so nice! :)
    I love it when I find out that someone from my 'real' friends/or people i know reads my blog and it makes them inspired and happy! It is so beautiful to know that something I create can make someone happy! :)

  9. Gorgeous dress the print is so vibrant it looks fab on you xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  10. @Lucy I'm glad were friends too lovely :) I find Tesco dresses come up a bit small round the bust so I usually go up a size

    @Rani Oooh yes Rani this would look ace on you.

    @Charlene I haven't bought any basics from there in ages tbh. The colours are ace.

    @Donna awww hopefully pay day isnt too far away

    @Sophie its even nicer IRL!

    @Gem haha rant away my love. I am very excited about the pen pal scheme

    @jemmalouise Thank you :) Its such a good idea

    @Filipa I dont actually tell 'real life' people about my blog but she text me to say I made her cry :)

    @Purdey Singleton Thanks lovely xx


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