Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wish upon a star

Dress: Topshop

Thank you for all of your Birthday wishes yesterday.  I had a lovely day (albeit at work) and a great evening spent laughing and eating too much with friends.  I now have a couple of work free days and I am so excited!  I am going to do a spot of shopping today, have a Nandos for lunch, the boyf is cooking me dinner and then we are going to see Black Swan.  Phew.  Can't wait!

My Topshop dress arrived and I wore it out for dinner last night, it's really pretty.  A bit on the short side though!  I noticed that it has sold out on the web site but if you can find one I really recommend it.  I tried to take a photo of my bracelet on but it's not very good.  The bracelet is so dainty and cute and unfortunately I have man hands!

I really want a pair of tan brogues but just cannot find any I like :(  I like my brogues to be a bit girly and all the ones I have seen are too masculine for me, any recommendations?  I also want these for nights out, they will look great with all the dresses I have worn with tan belts recently.

Shoes: New Look


  1. Please just stop with the dresses! I LOVE THIS ONE (what's new?), I love how you've accessorised too. And that bracelet, I think I need one. It's so cute!

    I'm on the hunt for some brogues too but I feel like they won't suit me? I'm not a shoe kinda person! I like those New Look ones a lotttt.

    Glad you had a good time last time, enjoy today and hope you enjoy (probably not the right word) Black Swan x

  2. I absolutely love this dress! I was going to say it was my favourite out of all the ones you've posted.. but you have so many nice dresses that I couldn't decide on just one!! ;)

    Do you want high heeled brogues or flat ones? I've been trying to find a flat pair and I think I've found a pair in Primark (and they're only £8!) that I like. I find the ones with the little heels make them look masculine!

    ENjoy the film! And Nandos? I'm jealous!

  3. @Lucy haha, sorry! Youll be pleased to know I only bought one dress today...

    @Charlene thank you :) It is rather nice! I want some flats but after a visit to Primark today I now have some, yay! They are probs the same ones as they were only £8 so I bought two pairs of tan and also the black version, so cheap!

  4. I always say this but that dress is lovely! you have an amazing dress collection, I'm very envious!
    I got a lovely cream lace dress in the asos summer sale and I've only worn it twice, you have inspired me to get it out.
    I love your belt, I can't find belts long enough to fold over :(

  5. @Gem Thank you! My boyfriend was just saying that I have a serious dress issue... haha.

    Your dress sounds lovely you should defo dig it out. The belt is from Warehouse and is now in the sale for only £5

    Its very long! xx

  6. Lovely dress, and the braclet is so cute!

  7. Love the dress, you look lovely in white! And the bracelet is beautiful. I've eyed those shoes up a few times but I'm not keen on the heel, I want chunkier!

  8. I saw very dainty pritty brogues in peacocks. They where white and had flowers on them.

    I was going to ask what type of shoes you wear with your dresses? mtaching shoes is a problem I always have.

  9. @Amy I have seen them online, they look lovely! I think I will have to get myself a pair. I usually wear either little flat lace up ankle boots or brogues unless I am going out and then I will whip out a pair of heels xx


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