Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Winter florals

Dress: Dahlia from a year ago
Cardigan: asos
Belt: accessorize from yonks ago

Florals never fail to cheer me up especially when the print is this cute!  Another dress from my vast Dahlia collection, I told you I love Dahlia.  I really want to make a wish list but the stupid sales are still dominating and there haven't been many new items online since before the festive period so you'll just have to suffer a week of outfit posts from me.

I hope you have noticed that I am getting more comfortable in front of the camera, I might even start looking at it soon...

 hehe I'm a flasher!


  1. Love this post, that cardi is lovely :D
    You're blogs so mint!!
    Rebecca xx


I love comments, thank you xx

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