Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday wants

1. Jaeger 2. asos 3. Zara
4. New Look 5 Urban Outfitters 6. Dahlia

Lots of beautiful new dresses arriving online to tempt me, this makes me happy!  Good job it's pay day tomorrow as a few of these will be mine.  You might have worked out by now that I love anything that gives a full 50's silhouette.  I absolutely adore full skirts and due to my ample hips and thighs they also love me and cover a multitude of sins, a match made in heaven.  Have you started buying any S/S clothes yet?  I will buy 'my style' summer dresses now and just layer them with chunky knits and bodycon long sleeve dresses until its a bit warmer but then I love wearing summery floral dresses with black tights as I am sure you will see!

I want to thank the lovely Rani of Cupcake Couture for giving me a shout out yesterday, it absolutely made my week!  I am having a ball writing this little blog and have been chatting to so many lovely bloggers who have all made me feel really welcome.  Blogging really is a big warm family.  I have been reading many blogs for several years but until I started my own I had no idea what 'following' was or how important following blogs you love to read is.  I just used to either bookmark my favourites or add them to my reader but now I make sure I follow them using google connect.

This dress was really hard to capture and is much prettier in real life than in my rubbish photos.   Very have made some cracking dresses recently, I'm impressed!  It's lace and velvet with a cute Peter Pan collar (what a surprise!)  I feel like it needs something to break up all the black but it sits much better without a belt.  I will be wearing a cardigan with it though as it's a bit nippy today.

Dress: Very


  1. I LOVE the Dahlia one, I'm adding it to my wishlist, wow. I love the dress you are wearing to, really nice fit xx

  2. i am loving the red zara dress!


  3. Your dress is gorgeous! Loving your wishlist as well, I saw the Zara one instore but the price made me sad! xx

  4. The Very dress is such a gorgeous fit! Definitely one of my personal favourites of yours! I love the ASOS dress in your wishlist too :)

    Also, your blog is fast becoming one of my favourites and I keep finding myself waking up in the morning and looking forward to seeing what dresses you've posted so please don't ever let me down! x

  5. @Lucy haha! Thank you gorgeous :) I'm feeling the pressure already... If I run out of dresses I'll have to start taking photos of all the ones that are currently too small, sob!

    @Dani I really need to get to a Zara! What was the fabric like? I find the fit of zara really hit and miss, they don't like bodies with breasts and hips much :(

    @Gem thanks for your link lovely! I absolutely adore Dahlia so hopefully the more popular they get the more dresses they will make. Let's spread the Dahlia love xx

  6. In answer to your question about the Zara dress, I saw it in store last month and it was a lovely, thick crepe style fabric. I absolutely love it, but sadly it was much, much too short for me :(

  7. Love the Jager dress, can't wait to see these on you, so pretty! Love the outfit and the bow brooch as a quirky bow tie is fabulous, LOVE it!!!!

    Hannah xx

  8. I bought that new look dress yesterdays! Its lush!

  9. @Amber thanks love. I am going to have to get it then!

    @Hannah Unfortunately I will have to wait for the Jaeger dress to go in the sale before I get that, its £130!! Wowzers.

    @Rani Its being delivered to me tomorrow hopefully along with the dahlia dress! It reminds me of a Miss S palm tree one I got last summer so I am hoping the fit is good! Cant wait to see it on you.

  10. This dress is SO CUTE! I love the little bow, and the lace is lovely. This dress reminds me a bit of the Erdem collection that I've been dreaming about lately. You look great!

    <3 Ashley

  11. stumbled upon your blog today and love it!!

    I'm Elizabeth and I'm a dressaholic (I've heard the first step is admitting you've got a problem :p)

    Please check out my blog and D&G giveaway if u get a chance!



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