Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Seeing spots

Thank you for your comments and tweets yesterday, I have decided to return both items.  The jumper would look best with something form fitting on my bottom half.  Unfortunately I wouldn't so we are just going to have to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.  It was fun whilst it lasted.  I have many Peter Pan dresses and this beautiful New Look one is very similar but much, much nicer.  And it doesn't crease as easy so that is a definite bonus.  Anyways I am much more a leopard girl although I did love those full length sleeves... onwards and upwards.

My Topshop.com order arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to put this one on, it's just too cute.  I don't think the colour has come out very well in my pictures, it's more like the colour on the stock photo in real life.  It's good quality jersey and really soft to wear.  Oh yeah and I got this cardigan in another colour too.  I know but I did need a cream cardigan!

 Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

Look at that collar, isn't it adorable?!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the collar, I bought a beautiful spotty SANDRO silk shirt with a similar collar.

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  2. Beautiful outfit! The dress is adorable and really suits you. Love the cream and the brown together x

  3. ooh i love that dress! so lovely :-) xx

  4. Oooh! I'm waiting for this dress on order, but in white. I can't wait until it's arrived as I rather like the brown too & might have to double up. I like your pairing here with the white cardigan though - maybe I'll pair mine with a brown cardi when it arrives ;]

  5. The scalloped collar is a really cute detail! Great dress!


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