Friday, 21 January 2011

New Look? Really?!

OMG!! Words really cannot describe how happy I am right now, I will try and convey with photos instead...

Dress: New Look

Lots of photos!  HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS DRESS?!   CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS FROM NEW LOOK?! The cut and quality are fantastic and it is just £30.  If the rest of the new New Look collection is anywhere near as good as this dress I can see me spending most lunch times at my local store handing over my hard earned cash.  New Look you've really impressed me.

Thank goodness it is Friday, this week seems to have been hanging around for far too long.  I am saving this dress for my birthday night out tomorrow so am not actually wearing it today but couldn't wait to share it all with you!  The boyf and I are going to do some decorating this weekend starting with a bit of painting tonight and a cheeky Chinese take away, heaven.  I could do with colouring my hair before tomorrow night but not sure I will have time/can be arsed!  A few of my Friends have birthdays around the same date (mines the 26th btw) so we are having mass celebrations and hopefully I won't be too hungover as I am going for a Sunday Roast with the family.  Yummy!  Fill me in on your weekend plans lovelies xx


  1. Wow the print is beautiful, someone linked to this on twitter the other day, I think it's beautiful xxx

  2. Wow! Gorgeous dress! The detail in the print is amazing!

    The only thing I have planned for the weekend is to watch Black Swan! :) Yours sounds much more fun! Have a good time xx

  3. AHhhhhh that's gorgeous!!! I walked past new look yesterday and so much stuff caught my eye! This is quite unusual for me, it usually isn't very well presented in my opinion.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend, I plan to bake some cookies and cream brownies and recover from whatever illness im carrying via films in bed! xxxxx

  4. I have the same dress! I love it, it is beautiful and much more jaegar than new look I think! they have been really impressing me lately; normally im really hard pushed to find anything in there but recently I have been leaving laden down with bags because everything is great.

    this weekend i will mostly be sleeping and marking year 12 essays! Don't be too jealous of my crazy wild love

    p.s. i loved your hair blonde like when you posted on thehighstreet; gorgeous! xxxx

  5. @crazy_faery_girl I can't wait to wear it out! My sister wants me to go back blonde she doesn't like me dark but I don't think I'll ever go back... I do wish I was still as tiny as I was then though! xx

  6. i LOVE this! new look seem to go through phases of having great quality, wonderfully designed stuff in - at times i can spend hundreds every time i go in, and at others i can't find anything at all that i like. hopefully they are returning to form - this dress definitely suggests so.

    it looks great on you! enjoy your birthday weekend!


  7. It's lovely!
    there is a lovely one in the primark spring collection with detail similar to that at the bottom which I'm keeping my eye out for xx

  8. That is a gorgeous dress and your face says it all about how happy you are with it! I love the cut of it especially x

  9. You are gorgeous, what are you talking about! You look the same shape to me.

    I go through phases with my hair. At the moment it is copper and I love it but I sometimes think oooh brown would be nice or a dark plum red. I did actually dye it brown a few months ago, hated it and had to have it dyed back a day later but I still think about changing it! xxx

  10. Really gorgeous dress, it looks lovely on you. I'm heading out clubbing then recovering by cooking a Sunday roast for ten people the next day xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  11. I love the shape and print, everything, of this dress, I couldn't believe it was New Look! I also didn't realise you were so close to where I live either!

    Maria xxx

  12. @Gem, YES!! I want that Primark one too, so pretty. I know everyone will get it but hey ho xx

    @Maria hey there blogging neighbours! My sister teaches in Coventry and I love shopping there regardless of its reputation, ace new look! xx

  13. Well this year we are in Kenilworth, yahoo! :D

  14. New Look have definitely stepped up their game.. beautiful dress and I love the belt too!

  15. I ADORE this dress and when I went to New Look they had just come in, so I snapped one up, and the next week they have all gone. New Look need to make more pretties just like this. You look gorgeous in it! :)


  16. i have this dress and i love it, have already had soooo much wear out of it!


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