Thursday, 20 January 2011

Live, Love, Dance, Sing

Bracelet set: Pretaportobello

How beautiful are these?!  I WANT!!!  £20 for the set from, not bad hey! They also have free UK saver delivery until Sunday, result!

I want to thank all my followers (again!)  I am shocked that in the six weeks since I created this blog I have managed to beg, steal and borrow 72 followers.  Now this might not seem a great number to some of you but to me it's amazing!  I promise to stop behaving like I've won an oscar very soon but at the moment I am just overwhelmed by it all and kicking myself for not blogging sooner.  Anyway enough of all that and onto my outfit...

 Dress: Louche @ Joy

I love everything about this dress, the fabric, the pattern, the colours, the fit, the sleeves and of course the collar.  Yet another Peter Pan collar.  I am trying to smile in these photos without looking like a total loony but not quite managing it... better than looking glum though, yeah? 

Oooh look another Peter Pan collar, what a surprise!

Best thing about today?  It's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend AND I am going to Ikea tonight!!  We want to finish our en-suite over the weekend so I need some storage bits and pieces. Very exciting!  Oh and it is PAY DAY and that makes any day that little bit brighter :)


  1. nice dress!! and love the jewellery too... Am following!

    Would absolutely love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  2. Absolutely love this dress, it looks so pretty on you! I always forgot about Joy...must pay it a visit the next time I'm in town!x

  3. Those bracelets are adorable, they remind me a bit of Disney Couture ones. Tempted to order me some!

    Please can you stop having such nice dresses because I am running out of things to say in the relms of lovely/amazing/stunning/beautiful! The pattern on this one is so wonderful :)

    Jealous of your trip to Ikea, I wish we had one round where I live because I would happily spend every Saturday browsing round it!

  4. @Milly thanks for linking me to your giveaway. I don't wear tshirts (don't even own any) so won't be entering in case I do win and stop someone who wants the prize from winning. Oh and my birthday is next week so January rules in my book :P xx

    @Emma I don't have any Joy stores near me but have picked up some gorgeous dresses off their website and the quality is spot on xx

    @Lucy I'm sorry lovely! Maybe try some random words for entertainment? Erm that dress is so hamster on you maybe? No idea why hamster was the first word that came to mind...

    The closest ikea to you at uni must be Coventry which is mine too. Think I might treat myself to a hotdog too xx

  5. Good call on getting the Dahlia dress from yesterdays wishlish - its gorge!
    I love these bracelets too. I'm so tempted...
    I always get excited about going to ikea, its not the same without a hot dog! x x

  6. You look even more gorgeous than usual in these photos! Have you used a different blusher? Or maybe it's just the colours in your dress!

    Those bracelets are so cute, and such a bargain at £20 as they look like Disney Couture! xx

  7. I had best order the bracelets before they sell out!

    @Charlene thank you :) same make up as always but maybe it's because I'm smiling and don't look grumpy as usual?! hehe xx

  8. Really like the dress don't think the large would fit me though, such a shame!

  9. I LOVE this dress, so so cute! Really tempted by it now...

  10. @Gem I would say the large is a 12-14 if this helps.

    @Helen I can so see you wearing this, would look ace and go with your colours ;)



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