Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lazy Sunday

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: Warehouse
Belt: Not sure!

 I managed to plough thru a bit of blog reading in the early hours of this morning and I loved every second!  I am now down to 250 unread posts and am hoping to spend a few hours reading again tonight.  So many lovely posts so little time!  I hope you have all had a lovely lazy Sunday.  I've done a bit of washing (how glamorous!) a bit of food shopping (purely so I could pick up my free Models Own make up kit!) and got my car valeted.  I am living the high life.

I made a vanilla cheesecake in the end with a choice of raspberry coulis, toffee sauce or caramel sauce to give my friends a choice of topping.  I also made my boyfriend some brownies which turned out scrummy even though in his excitement he almost ruined them by beating the mixture I had carefully folded!

Today I am wearing a Topshop dress that appeared on an earlier wishlist which I also have in a toffee colour.  They are so easy to wear and they have pockets.  I love a dress with pockets.  And a cute collar.  Whats not to like about these dresses?!  The spots are actually navy but it's that dark that it looks almost black and I was in the mood for my 300 denier snuggly tights today so I went with black.  Back to work tomorrow and back to the healthy eating, I've just had a slice of cheesecake so I need to be a very good girl tomorrow!


  1. Looking gorgeous babe!

  2. That dress is lovely, really flattering! The vanilla cheesecake sounds amazing, I'd never be able to pick between all three toppings though! x

  3. Beautiful dress, havent seen this one in store, will have to keep a look out :) x

  4. can't beat a good polka dot dress, it looks cute on you. mmm cheesecake! x

  5. This dress arrived at my house the other day! I can't wait to start styling it. Love what you've done with it here though. The vanilla cheesecake sounds to-die-for, mmmm!


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