Monday, 10 January 2011

Keep or return?

I need your help!  I have bought two items that I am not sure look that good on me and I want to know what you think.  I'm cheating a bit today as I took these photos last night, I'm looking a bit glum in these outfits so maybe that should tell me something!
First up is this jumper £14.99 from H&M

I love the colour and I love the knit I am just not loving that it's a jumper!!  I wish it was a cardigan, that would be perfect.  I am wearing it with an old black skirt from New Look and tights from Topshop.  I just think it's maybe a bit boxy for my shape and as you can't see my waist I am worried that it makes me look bigger.  Oh I just don't know!

Second is the Peacocks Peter Pan dress that I blogged about a few days ago:

I'm sure I am not going to be the only one who is surprised by the colour of the collar.  From the website photo I thought it was a creamy colour but in reality its a beige/coffee colour and I am not sure I like it.  It's also really thin and creases really easily.  I left it on the side for a few hours before I took these photos and when I picked it up it was really creased and needed ironing, luckily you can't tell from these photos.  It's also not that flattering over my tummy.  I do love the sleeves though.  Think I might have made up my mind to return this one but what do you think?  Should I change my mind and keep it?

After giving my nails a little break I am desperate to paint them now!  I want to do a bit of nail art again using my black models own pen, any suggestions?  I've only tried leopard and polka dots so far.

Finally a little hello to my lovely new followers, I can't believe that I have managed to get so many followers in such a short space of time.  I feel truly honoured that you're interested in what I have to say and my many outfit photos.  I really thought that I would just be talking to myself!  Big kisses to you all xx


  1. I'm not really liking the jumper. You're right it would be better as a cardi, I'd definitely take it back. I think the Peacocks dress is really nice if you don't already have a similar black and white peter pan collar one but otherwise the ones in places like ASOS and New Look are a bit better quality x

  2. I do like the jumper but I'm not sure that the skirt is the right thing to pair it with. I'd maybe try something that doesn't flair out, like a body con skirt if you have one?

    I love the peter pan collar dress and was going to buy it myself. It does look great on you so I'd probably say keep it.. but after reading that the material is thin and creases easily then I'd probably return it!


  3. I really like the jumper but I see what you mean about it's boxy shape... I'd probably wear it with skinny jeans or as Charlene said, a body con skirt.

    I think the dress looks lovely on you! I guess if you're not 100% comfortable in it though then it's not really a keeper for you.

    Well done on your followers, you totally deserve them!

  4. The jumper is a lovely colour but definitely needs to be paired with something form-fitting to balance it out.Maybe wear it with a long vest and skinny jeans.

  5. I wish the jumper was a cardigan too, I love the colour and the knit, like you do, but there's just something not right about it being a jumper? I love the Peter Pan collared dress though, I quite enjoy the colour of the collar and you could put a thin waist belt round the middle or something for a bit of variation?
    I need to try some different nail art designs too, I love leopard print but I need to broaden the range! xx

  6. Hey hun, I'm a new follower! Love the blog, think y should keep both items, the colour of the jumper is fab! Check out my blog too if u like! xxxx

  7. I tried that dress as well, and thought the same. and it looked horrible on me, but you have the figure for it! love the jumper x

  8. Definitely return the dress! You've got nicer dresses so why bother wearing an average one? Actually return the jumper too, it's nothing special. Spend the money on better quality.

  9. The peacocks dress looks nice on you, I liked the bottle green colour one. I tried them both on and they looked awful on me, clingy on all my lumps and bumps :( x

  10. Not so keen on jumper. Love the peter pan dress! xx

  11. I'd agree with previous comments about wearing the jumper with something else - it looks perfect to shove a black tank top on underneath with skinny jeans and some wool topped boots to see you through until the end of winter :)

    The dress is LOVELY though. I'd say the colour of the collar is more camel than anything, or it looks it in the picture! I loveee that colour :)

    This is probably too late and you've probs made your decision but oh well!

    Also, to let you know I'm a new follower as I do also adore dresses!



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