Monday, 3 January 2011

Its all gone Peter Pan

Urgh. Work tomorrow.  Why do the holidays have to end :(  IT'S RUBBISH!

Today I am wearing a dress by Fearne Cotton for Very and it's very pretty.  It's got a gorgeous beaded Peter Pan collar and is nicely made but absolutely awful to photograph! Seriously.  These took me an age and they were the best I could do!  Even Fearne can't make it look good in her photos but in real life it is lovely, I promise.  And apologies for looking so miserable, I was too busy trying to make the dress look good and forgot about my face, ooops!

 Dress: Very
Cardigan: Topshop

Isn't the collar gorgeous!

I own far too many peter pan collared dresses but that's not stopping me from wanting more.  Fearne has made another one this season which is just as cute and I have ordered the cheap as chips Peacocks one that was being discussed on twitter earlier.  Hope the fabric isn't really flimsy and cheap looking.

Dress: Very

Dress: Peacocks

I'm off to catch up on all of your blog posts and hopefully find some clothes that I want to buy :)


  1. The dress is gorgeous! Suits you really well!
    I love dresses with those collars, sadly I can never seem to find any in my local town centre!

  2. omg. i love all these dresses. i have far too many pp collar dresses alredy but i love them!

  3. Ohhh the collar is beautiful. Love the two that you've just purchased aswell!

  4. I really like that Peter Pan Peacocks dress, shame I've spent all my pennies! Do take a pic of it on and show us - it's got those funny gathers under the boob area, so I was wondering if they will spoil it? If it still looks nice when you get it I might have to indulge! x

  5. I love all the Fearn Cotton things, I got the new littlewoods catalogue today so I was sooo tempted to buy that peter pan collar dress, it goes up to a size 20 too which is great.
    I've not seen the peacocks one, I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that one xx


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