Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I can dream

Dress: Zara
Satchel: Dorothy Perkins

Just a quick post today as I am pushed for time but wanted to share my new tan satchel.  It's the perfect size (ie my iPad fits in snuggly) is a lovely colour and if it was leather it would get full marks.  It will do until either I can find a nice leather one this size or I start saving for an Alexa... does anyone know if the iPad fits in the standard size?!


  1. Love the dress and the bag is grogeous!

    A quick google search tells me that an iPad would fit into an Alexa perfectly...better get saving!x

  2. That is a stunning bag love the colour and so perfect with your gorgeous dress xoxo

  3. The bag is lovely, I've seen it in there a few times recently! I'm also SO JEALOUS that you have an iPad, honestly I want one so badly.

    And yet another lovely dress :)

  4. You need to take me shopping!


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