Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hey Dotty P!

I saw this dress in my local outfit on Friday and thought oooh that's nice.  I couldn't be bothered to try it on so had a little feel of the fabric and made a mental note of it.  THEN I got back to the office and browsed a few blogs whilst eating my lunch and low and behold Lucy was wearing it and it looked great on!  My mind was made up, it was coming home with me.  

I am off to Exeter today for a team meeting and needed something smart/casual (don't you just hate that description!) and this is perfect.  I am thinking about sewing the little notch in the neckline up as I think I will mostly wear it with a top underneath and it looks a bit messy although it's not that low cut so maybe I'll leave it and be brave.

 Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

I hardly ever seem to buy clothes from Dorothy Perkins yet have bought 4 things in the last week and they are well priced.  I hope all of their new season stock is as lovely, well done Dotty P's!


  1. love this dress! I have one similar but mine is more of a pencil skirt at the bottom. I love it with the cardigan at the bottom! xx

  2. I love it too, it looks amazing on you! It's such a good shape and so flattering, plus the material is really good (I don't know much about material but it's soft and thick - all positives in my book!). I'm glad you bought it :) x

  3. The dress looks lovely, especially with the cardigan in the last photo! DP have had quite a lot of lovely stock in lately! It used to be a shop I'd walk past but I always go and have a look inside now. xx

  4. Hate hate hate that smart/casual thing. you know you always leave the house thinking your going to be too much one way or the other. I reall like the dress though and think its perfect for what u need. xx

  5. I think it's one classic dress and it looks great with the cardigan and belt!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I have the spotty version of this dress, I really do love the cut of it. I was unsure when I ordered it online, but it is one of my fav dresses (I'm wearing it right now)
    Here's when I featured it on my blog (incase you missed it)


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