Saturday, 29 January 2011

Food, glorious food

I woke up today deciding that I want to make macaroons! I have been in awe of the ones on the pink whisk and decided that I needed to go get a food processor and give it a go.  They were tricky.  I found piping them the hardest bit as the mixture is way more liquid than buttercream and hard to control!  I ended up with loads of different sizes but I guess consistency comes with practice.  I also decided that I didn't have time to faff around piping the buttercream in little dots so just did a big circle and although they don't look as cute I am still pretty pleased with them.  I made the raspberry and white chocolate ones and they are divine!  I definitely want to try the chocolate orange ones too.

Ready to start!

Mixing the almonds & icing sugar (takes ages & is so noisy!)

whisking the egg whites and caster sugar

adding the food colouring

pipe them and leave for 30 minutes (these were the most uniform ones!)

white chocolate buttercream

making the raspberry sauce

fresh out of the oven and paired up ready to fill

Piped on the buttercream and spooned on some raspberry sauce

The finished product, not bad if I do say so myself


Once these were done I decided to make a pizza (following the recipe that the lovely Rani posted) Rani didn't say how hard work kneeding the dough was!  I had to get the boyfriend involved until we had something resembling a pizza base.  We chose chicken and sweetcorn for the topping and I added some Nandos sauce to the tomato base to give it a little kick.  The resulting pizza was amazing although next time I definitely want a thinner base.  Thank you for the recipe Rani :) 

Whilst out shopping for a food processor today I called into the Apple store and bought Snow Leopard as I just can't wait til the summer to try out the Mac App store.  I am going to buy a new laptop when Lion finally comes out but decided that £26 needed to be spent to keep me happy til then.  Sooooo recommendations on which apps to buy please.  I have office for mac anyway so would really be looking something for photo editing and anything else that you think is amazing.


  1. They look so nice! Blogging has made me addicted to macaroons lol xx

  2. looks gorgeous but now i am inappropriately hungry for midnight!
    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  3. I'm looking for a food processer at the moment too. Would you recomend the one you got?

  4. @Amy obvs I've only used it once but I was really happy with it for the price... the one I wanted in John Lewis was out of stock so I just went for the cheapest and as it was only £18 it was a total bargain. It will do me until I can afford one to match the kitchenaid mixer I will one day own...

  5. o my goodness me lady, these look professional! Very nice! Well done. xxxx

  6. these looks amazing! sooo good for a first attempt! i've never tasted a macaroon but i've always wanted to make them x

  7. LOOK AT YOU WITH YOUR IPAD! Macaroons look amazing, I bet you any money if I made them they wouldn't look half as good as those!
    I'm also very tempted to make pizza in the week now I've seen yours & Rani's final results...! Will see how that turns out! x

  8. Thanks lovelies! They taste even better than they look, defo making these again!

    @Lucy I'm sorry but the iPad makes for the perfect cooking companion. Actually the iPad is just perfect full stop. Hehe.

    Yes do the pizza! But be prepared for serious arm ache trying to get the dough to resemble a pizza base. Also make it thinner than I did as it was a bit too much base xx

  9. Oh my both these looks soooo yummy. Nandos sauce on a pizza, brilliant idea. I also really want to try a macaroon as I haven't as of yet (shock horror I know)

  10. Mmmmm, I wouldn't have thought of piping the icing in a circle and then putting raspberry in the middle so it doesn't escape!
    I love The Pink Whisk, I made her chocolate pudding tea cups and they were soooo good.
    Love your mixing bowl xx


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