Monday, 31 January 2011

Flapjacks and dresses...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, it's a shame Monday always comes round so quick.  I spent most of the weekend baking so had a great one!  Yesterday my boyfriend asked me to make him some flapjacks and as he did the washing up I couldn't say no!  Flapjacks are really easy to make but so yummy.  I wanted nice thick flapjacks and as the boyf is going to take them into work I needed to make a decent number so I doubled the below recipe...

175g butter
175g golden syrup
175g dark brown soft sugar
350g oats

Dissolve the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a pan

Take off the heat and stir in the oats

push into a parchment lined tray and bake for 40 minutes at 150°C

I decided that I wanted to cover them in chocolate so when fully cooled I cut them up and spread melted milk chocolate over the top, yummy! 

 Who wants to put the kettle on?

I spied this little beauty on the topshop earlier, isn't it just darling!  

It's that gorgeous that I popped over to Rare's website to see what else they have to offer and I wasn't disappointed...

I made another trip to Primark yesterday in search of this dress:

I have seen them on eBay for £37! Who would pay that?!  It turns out it's only going to be available in larger Primarks but having seen the skirt version I have decided that I don't want it anymore anyway!  The print isn't as nice in real life and I think I have spoiled it by getting this gorgeous New Look dress first.  What are you lusting after right now?


  1. those flapjacks look delicious! will you post me one please?

    i've also been scouring primark frantically for a couple of things i've seen in magazines/blogs, including that print dress, but no luck. i would have thought my local primark in oxford would get all the designs but thats definitely not been the case...

    jess xx

  2. Oh my god those flapjacks looked amazing then you put chocolate on top, extra amazing! mmmm.

    I tried loads of things on in Primark yesterday now that they go up to a size 20 and everything was too small or too short or wouldn't go over my bust. So irritating!
    They did have some great hair bands, hair clips and brooches though.
    I managed to get a lovely cardi with ruffles on the shoulder and a floral dress with gold buttons.

    I love that pale blue topshop dress, it would look cute with little socks and your primark brogues

  3. I've seen that Primark dress in real life and it's really not that fantastic!
    Can I come round for a cuppa and some flapjack lol? :p xx

  4. Oh yummmmy, chocolate covered flapjacks are the best, send me a box of yummy treats ha? That Topshop dress is also very lovely and that Primark dress was the one I was spying on too, but everyone is after it so it wouldn't be very unique as It first looked x

  5. Those flap jacks look yummy!! Love the dresses.

    Sadie x

  6. Those flapjacks look lovely! I went through a phase of making them all the time since they're so easy.

    Also really liking the rare dress. The colour, pleats and peter pan colour are just so nice! I saw the Primark dress and skirt today and the print isn't as nice in real life, but I do really like the skirt. Was tempted to buy a few to sell on eBay but that's quite cheeky. ;)

  7. Yum they look amazing! Also I agree that dress from topshop is lovely x

  8. Love the dresses as much as I'd love a flapjack! Great blogging

  9. hmm I could just eat a flapjack right now! yum. I hate how dresses from primark go for ridiculous prices on ebay.

  10. hey love, i have that primark beach print dress - it is lovely but it has an odd bit on the bust part that sticks out! if you want one, i can pick you one up!

    love the rare dresses. also you have made me crave flapjacks now!


  11. Youre all welcome to come for a cup of tea and cake of your choice! hehe. I love baking for people who love cake :)

    @Jess you would have thought that Primark would just put their lookbook collection in all stores wouldnt you. My local store (Coventry) is huge but is not considered a big store

    @Gem breasts are so over-rated arent they! I would love to be able to wear the topshop dress with little socks and brogues but I think the 100000 denier tights I cant be parted with would somewhat spoil the look! Oh to be in my 20s again and have legs I want to bare...

    @Meg the kettle is on love

    @Sadie @Stefany @Charlie hello lovelies, I dont think weve met before :) cup of tea and a flapjack?

    @Charlene so easy but taste so good. Im thinking I am going to have to get the Rare dress, its really nice. I wasnt impressed by the colours in the print tbh

    @Helen I just cant believe anyone would pay that much for it! Seriously its Primark and not worth £37!!

    @anygirlfriday Thanks for the offer Em but I dont want it now Ive seen the fabric. I havent yet seen anyone blog about it but then I havent really read any blogs in the last couple of days :(


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