Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Always the bridesmaid

It's full steam ahead for my sisters wedding, the date has been set, the venue chosen AND the dress ordered.  Phew, don't blink or you might miss something.  I have been tasked with baking both the wedding cake and the zillion cupcakes they want for their big day.  Obviously I won't be doing that until nearer to the date but in the mean time I now have a bouquet to make.

They are having a vintage tea party theme and rather than a formal floral bouquet we decided that one made of buttons would suit her theme better.  And she gets to keep it forever and even pass it down generations if it's not totally old fashioned by then!  I had a look on etsy.com for inspiration and found these gorgeous bouquets:

 Aren't they amazing! Retailing at approx £150 plus shipping I think they are a real steal but with a 40 week waiting list and only 26 weeks to the wedding my sister is very lucky to have a crafty sister (that would be me!)  Although if I had of known I would be making it when I suggested buttons I might have kept my ideas to myself as it is a lot of work!  We are sourcing buttons, earrings and anything else that will look pretty and sparkly and need to make roughly 100 stems.  I've already made a start:

18 stems down only 82 left!

The lovely Tor at Fab Frocks has made herself a beautiful brooch bouquet for her upcoming wedding and has even created a little tutorial.  As I am using buttons and they are no where near as heavy as brooches I can use a thinner floristry wire and fix them into a dry oasis bouquet holder which will be much less work and make it easier to get the rounded bouquet shape.  Wish me luck and I promise to post a photo of the finished bouquet after the wedding.

Dress: asos
Cardigan: New Look

I picked this dress up for £15 in the asos sale.  I love that it kind of feels a bit like nightwear and love the contrast of the chiffon with the chunky knit.  I know I look just as glum in these photos as yesterdays but the ones where I was smiling made me look like I had escaped from an asylum... I will keep trying!


  1. Wow, those bouquets are amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product - I really wish I was as crafty as you, your sister is very lucky!
    Love this dress, and the cardigan goes so nicely with it. Looks so cosy!

  2. @Lucy they are beautiful aren't they! I used to sell jewellery on eBay a few years ago and can do most crafty things except drawing and painting which I would love to be good at but just suck! xx

  3. The bouquets looks amazing, I have a friend who hates buttons and just imagining her face if she saw these is making me laugh so much!! I hope your sister has a fantastic wedding!! So exciting I bet!!! The outfit is lovely, simple but really nice! Can't beat a big woolly cardigan =)

    Hannah xx

  4. @Hannah ha! Hating buttons must make life really difficult... does she avoid buttons and only wear stuff with zips? xx

  5. I love your blog <3
    Following you!
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  6. Those bouquets are amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished one too.
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  7. amazing post :) i would be very happy to follow you if you want to follow me :) xoxo

  8. Yes my sister is the best! Thanks for all the time
    And effort your putting into things, i do appreciate
    It xx

  9. http://www.100layercake.com/blog/ is a great place for wedding inspiration xx

  10. I have that dress in the mink colour - its lovely on you in black! dont you find though that the see through bits are a bit too see through?! when i wear mine it feels indecent so i cant wear it to work!



  11. that sounds like such a lovely theme! vintage buttons :) i want that bouquet as a clutch :) x

  12. I love the alternative bouquets like your button one and Tor's brooch one. It makes it much more memorable and sentimental than a normal flowery one :)

  13. I adore those button bouquets! What a beautiful idea and wonderful keepsake. Good luck with the making of it, on the day it will all be worth it :).


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