Monday, 13 December 2010

A little something to brighten your Monday...

1. Miss Selfridge PU skater skirt.  I love a bit of leather.  Okay so its not actually real leather but I can't find a skirt this shape made of out leather.  I do have a gorgeous one from asos a few years back but its a bit tight at the moment so this could be a temporary solution maybe.

2. Dorothy Perkins boyfriend cardigan.  I want this but black, cannot find one I like anywhere.

3. asos palm cuff.  A palm cuff?  Nope I hadn't heard of them either but I really, really like this one! Not sure if its worth £30 though as it could end up being incredibly annoying.  I don't wear much jewellery just usually a necklace and a bracelet as everything else has a habit of annoying me so much I take it off after about 5 minutes.  Has anyone tried one?  Less annoying than rings?

4. Urban Outfitters lace insert dress.  I already have this dress in black and white but I adore the colour of this one so it's on my 'check out if it goes into the sale' list!

5. Office blue glitter heels.  I love the glitter, the style and the colour but not the mesh which is a kinda skin colour and would look rubbish with black opaques underneath.  Please lose the mesh and I will treasure you forever.

6. Topshop beaded collar. Just gorgeous

7. Dorothy Perkins purple 50's style dress.  Love the colour, love the style.  My lovely friend Dawn has bought this on my recommendation and I cannot wait to see what it looks like on.

8. asos sequin peter pan collar cardigan.  So cute, love it.  Perfect length to throw on over a party dress.  Please be mine.

9. Dorothy Perkins leopard bow belt.  In case you haven't noticed I love leopard print, add a bow and you can almost guarantee I will want it.


  1. I LOVE the Dorothy Perkins dress! I've never heard of a palm cuff either, it just looks like a big ring?

  2. oh wow it all looks so amazing x


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