Thursday, 9 December 2010

Leopard lust

I have always had a love hate relationship with my nails, they are weak and flake but I love how having them painted changes the way my hands look.  I have taken to painting them almost daily and now feel naked without a slick of polish.  They are hating me for it though and are now so soft and as a result shorter than I would like them to be, anyone have any tips to make them stronger?  I also have a bad habit which isn't helping... I LOVE peeling off the polish :-/  It's just so satisfying!  I think I need to get myself a bottle of this to limit the damage I'm inflicting.  My lovely sister went to The Clothes Show today and managed to pick me up 5 bottles of Models Own polish for just £10 with a bag of 5 other freebies thrown in, what a bargain!

I ordered a black Models Own/WAH nail art pen when they were launched and boy is it easier than my old orange stick dipped in nail varnish routine!  They are that easy to use it takes me a fraction of the time and I get better results.

The products I have used to create this look are shown below and its all sealed with a couple of coats of top coat.  I can't get my polish to last longer than a day or so without chips appearing and once that happens the temptation to start peeling is just too strong!

Models Own Polish - Gold Digger
RMK Nail Art Liner - Shiny Gold

Just one outfit photo from today, I haven't got the hang of my new camera yet (I took the plunge and bought a Canon 1000D btw, any tips gratefully received) 

Belt: New Look
 Bodycon Dress: H&M

Miss Selfridge have had loads of dresses that I love this season, I have bought at least 7!  I am so glad they have updated their look and getting more fashion forward.  Its no longer full super tight chavy clothing although they could do with lowering their hemline an inch or so on some of the dresses. And they made my dream coat which means I can forgive the few barbie items they still stock!


  1. i love your nails!

    mine are also in quite bad condition and they always snap and flake at the top :( i can't find anything to stop them doing that! x

  2. Those nails are gooood. I'd never be able to do something like that, can barely paint my left hand properly!

    What you eat can affect your nails, esp in the winter...apparently eggs, broccoli and nuts are good. Mine grow like a mofo and I eat lots of those :)

  3. Fab nails and your dress is darling!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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