Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Heart of gold

Have you had much snow? After hardly having any first time around we now have loads!  Luckily I've finished my Christmas shopping and its all wrapped under the tree.  I'm ready for Christmas now so come on Santa...

I am wearing a bargain outfit today, my lovely Warehouse sale dress and a gorgeous grey asos cardigan that I bought in Fridays half price flash sale for £23!! 

Dress: Warehouse
Cardigan: asos
Tape Measure Heart Necklace: asos

I had lots of fun last night, it was time to ice and decorate the Christmas cakes I made a few weeks ago.  Decorating them is definitely the best bit.  One is for my parents and one for my boyfriends parents.  My Mum has a thing about snowmen so I wanted to add one on hers somewhere and I wanted the other to be classic and pretty.  I have been feeding them with Brandy on a regular basis so am hoping they will be lovely and boozy.

close up of the detail, the 'snow' is icing sugar and glitter and it's very sparkly!

I am really happy how they turned out, I haven't made any models out of icing before and I think they look really cute. 


  1. The cake looks super-awesome-cute! Love the little penguins and the snowman, I seriously envy your skills :)

  2. Oh wow! Well done on the cakes, they look fantastic!

    And that cardi is gorgeous, such a great price :) x

  3. The cardigan is sooo nice and omg ur cakes look amazingggg!! X the snowman and penguin are adorable :)xxx

  4. cardi looks super cosey - and that cake looks fantastic xxxx


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