Monday, 6 December 2010

Baby its cold outside...

2. Earmuffs 
3. Turban
My wish list has a distinctly chilly feeling to it, its been so cold recently that I just want to cover up and get warm.  We've been lucky to miss out on most of the snow round here but it's still been freezing!

I have a confession to make... some of the items in my wish list will very soon be mine.  Zero will power.

I check asos new arrivals everyday (along with Topshop, Miss S etc, etc) and knew that I had to have the tape measure heart necklace as soon as I laid eyes on it.  It was only £8 when I ordered it but appears to have gone up to £10, sneaky asos!  So cute I can't wait for it to arrive.

I love these earmuffs but already have a couple of pairs, do I really need more?  The band on these isn't adjustable which is the only reason I haven't ordered them yet, I want them to fit snuggly and they are just too big :(

I really love this Topshop knitted turban, I love the pearl detail and think that the black is definitely my favourite.  I've got a few days off next week so I am hoping to find this little beauty and make it mine.

I don't usually like any boots above the ankle but with all this cold weather and me refusing to wear trousers I need something to keep my feet warm.  Hopefully the cute reindeer pattern will make them look less ugly.  They should arrive soon so I guess I will find out then!

I LOVE this Joy coat.  I have this one from Miss S but need something less furry and a bit less dressy and this fits the bill perfectly.  Can't wait to try it on.

I need this leopard satchel.  Okay I dont need it but I really, really want it!  I bought this ASOS satchel a week or so ago and it's perfect.  But the leopard! Whats a girl to do?!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Santa knows I have been a very good girl this year and brings me one of these adorable rings... if you're reading this Santa I would like the yellow gold 'you make my heart sing' ring pretty please.


  1. Hi sarah! That bag is actually amazing. I'm on a search for the perfect leather day bag but unfortunately leopard print does not figure! I quite fancy this one but it's a little small in real life:

  2. Oooh that is nice! I had great difficulty finding one big enough to fit my iPad in. I really wanted this burgandy one from topshop but it sold out:

  3. I thought wish list were meant to be things you wanted not what your getting!!!!


    Nice list though love the necklace x

  4. @lucystar395... I'm just lucky enough to be able to buy what I wish for :P You had best be nice to me anyway Sis as I'm getting your Christmas AND Birthday pressie on Saturday xx

  5. I'm getting yours too :p xx and imthe best sister ever xx


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