Thursday, 30 December 2010

away with the fairies

Yes this is the same dress that Stacey Slater made her get away in... how on earth was it still white after that blood hey?!  I always feel like I should be at the top of the Christmas tree when I have this dress on in fact I actually wore it to my friends fancy dress party when I needed to go as an fairy, it looked alright with a pair of wings!

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: asos 
Hair clips: New Look

My sister bought me the cardigan as part of my Christmas pressie, you can't really see the sequin collar in the photo but it's the one from an earlier wishlist.  I love how my family now know what to get me based on my blog posts, I've always been really hard to buy for as if I want something I have usually already bought it.  

It's almost new year and I have a stack of baking to do, what are you going to be doing and more importantly what are you going to be wearing? 


  1. It looks better on you than Stacey Slaaaataaar! I just found your blog today and have started following. I have a bit of a dress obsesh too =) I've left you a tag on my blog xx

  2. @Gem thanks sweetie :) Just had a little nose at your blog and am following you too. Not sure what a tag is though? Im new to this blogging malarkey! xx

  3. I love this dress- so cute! And the hairclips go so perfectly. Happy New Year!x

  4. lovely dress !!
    please check out my blog maybe we can follow each other


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